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relationship is work in progress. i go between bailing out completely and staying because there is that part of me that truly loves this man but then again there's the me that likes to run. i could benefit from counseling. i should look into the women's center.

classes have started. i had speech today and intro to sociology. aside from that, my courseload is a jumble of things i need to get through this semester and on to the next chapter. not looking forward to statistics. should be fine in human development and community involvement. i feel so disconnected that this should all prove interesting.

trying to be more active to soothe my over active mind. if i can stick with walking the turkey trail and the going to the gym at least once a week, i should be in better shape. steve wants me to wake up with him at 5 to work out at the home gym. i have no problem with this, but he could use the motivation. who really likes waking up that early in the morning?

i'm still pissed about the big fight last thursday. i'm banned from tapps til i don't know when. i find that to be good actually i hate the place, i only tolerate it because him and his friends hang out there. but i could see how this will be a problem with us. so frustrating.

six more months and maybe i can leave this life behind. start anew. but then why wait til then. i just want a happier existence and maybe developing a stronger mind can help with that.

so much marketing work to do. time to dig up and dust off the ibook.

i got the samsung p2 for christmas and i've already overloaded it with data. yeahhh it might be time for spring cleaning already. create space for the new.
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