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going vegetarian..and reducing dairy intake (i love ice cream too much) will do a thirty day trial starting today. exclusively breastfeeding so have to figure out the best way to go about in doing this. the weekends are really horrible to my eating. either we're too busy doing something to prepare a proper meal or ending up snacking too much on crap food. on a daily basis i usually eat 5 small meals and limit the snacking to healthy ones and the occasional chocolate treats. keeping with the 1200 calories daily limit more or less. i was at a ridiculous 162 pounds during pregnancy and now three months after i am stuck at the lower 130 range. the least i weighed was 129 when i got food poisoning. pre-pregnancy weight was 112 but even with that i was trying to get back to my pre-steve weight of 103 lol. alcohol is so bad for weight loss hah so i should really quit the sneak shots i tend to do when stressed or just want to relax. been doing the exercise vids on netflix. when i'm baby-free, i hit the beach or a nature trail. should try taking the baby to the park now but i'm a bit agoraphobic for some reason. probably because i am simply not used to it. need to push myself more. just that.

Date: 2010-03-01 11:08 pm (UTC)
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google fat free vegan blog... yummmmyyy recipes and very balanced nutrition. buy some nutritional yeast (NOT baking yeast) to sprinkle on foods, good protein source kinda nutty flavor. eat a lot of beans, whole grains, mushrooms (good protein source!), etc. I have so many good vegetarian healthy recipes that are tasty, I wish we lived closer to share!

1,000-1,200 calories was my goal when I was losing weight too! I guess it still is, but I'm less strict about following it lol. I'm stuck around 140 lbs (down from 180 and I was never pregnant!). Maybe adding in the gym will help get it moving.



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