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Now that I will have a baby to think about besides myself, I need a viable plan to provide for us in the future. I can count on Steve being a good provider, but would rather not have to rely on him alone, or anybody else for that matter.

I plan on finishing school. Debating whether to go the nursing route or stick with chemistry/nutritional sciences and pharmacy thereafter. I need to figure out if I can pretty much pursue an online degree. My family's offered to help take care of my kid so I can finish up my education, but I would rather be there as much as I can. It will be challenging I'm sure.

All I know is I need to be able to stand up on my own two feet should things continue to fall apart. I have my family's support and my friends to help me with what I need and I am grateful for that.

Maybe I'll get my CNA while I can still handle it.
I can try to get a real estate license. That could be another source of income.
Brainstorming at the moment of what I need to be self-sufficient...

It's about time I grow up and this will be the push I need.

Date: 2009-04-06 10:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] complexdreamer.livejournal.com
you're going to have the cutest baby ever! Do you know a potential due date yet?

CNA would be a good route- you can move up the ranks a lot.. become an RN, work in a variety of settings, become a Nurse practitioner down the line if you like it, etc. But can also be a very tiring job and demand you to interact with people constantly. I know you're bubbly and enjoy people, its just something to think about. Nurses are in no short supply anywhere, esp florida.. so thats good too..

The demand for interacting with people would be a little less so for a pharmacist and they make lots of money, but definitely requires hardcore math skills.

I'm just not seeing much of what feeds your soul in either... art, creativity, and the like. I suppose the people helping will to a degree in either field... but yeah.. can't forget to nurture yourself too!

I think you're smart for wanting to be able to support yourself and for going after it now. Even if things were 100% perfect with Steve, it would still be a good idea. You can always change careers later too. DOn't feel like you have to decide your life course now. You're just deciding the current road on the route, not the entire thing :o).

I'm glad your fam is being supportive!

I wish I were closer.




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