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Moon in Sagittarius: Free Love
The sign of the Moon in your chart can tell you more about your relationship with your mother. With your Moon in Sagittarius, your mother or other primary caregiver might have embodied the quintessential free-spirit. You may have learned that following her your own path was vital, and a bit at odds with the steady obligations of relationships. It's possible that you elevated your mother in your mind to a very special, almost divinely inspired human. Early examples of taking risks and not being afraid to tell the truth instilled in you a sense that life is an exciting game that serves up rewards when you follow your instincts.

As a child, you had an irrepressible spirit that wanted to explore everything around you. Following your instincts for adventure enabled you to excel at a multitude of subjects on your crash course in the study of life -- and you especially wanted your larger-than-life mother to take notice. If you idealized your mother too heavily, you could have felt crushed whenever her shortcomings showed, or an intense pressure to accomplish grandiose tasks worthy of her attention. Relationships in your adult life are colored by these early childhood experiences, making you a liberating force in others' lives. It can also cause you to push too hard, or make you easily bored when others fail to live up to your inner need for continuous exploration.

Overall, you exhibit a positive energy that says to others "we can do it," and you encourage your loved ones to overcome any obstacles to their dreams and schemes. Your naturally generous nature can make people feel more confident around you. Although it may be difficult for you to imagine life with just one partner, when you do decide to stick with that special someone, you fall in love with the same ferocity with which you meet everything else in your life. Your partner may be a god or goddess in your eyes, and they may feel intense pressure to do fantastic feats in order to keep up with you.

The key to your art of loving is learning how to use your natural generosity and openness to find acceptance for different perspectives. Being a free spirit doesn't give you a license to run roughshod over other people's hearts. Life may be a game, but it has very real consequences. Because you crave freedom and act on intuition much of the time, you may neglect to take the time to check in with how others are feeling. As a consequence, the distance between you and a loved one can grow to astronomical proportions as you continue to make assumptions rather than seeking out what's really going on in someone else's life.

For you, navigating the complex world of relationships is an exercise in finding the balance between loyalty to your own fiery spirit and commitment to working through the everyday challenges of relating to someone else's worldview.



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