Apr. 13th, 2009

I'm kind of upset. Steve is refusing to go to another doctor's appointment with me. This time for the first actual ultrasound. Last time, he was shopping and could have gone with me but said it was last minute when I asked him to come with me. This time, I gave him plenty of notice and is refusing to come for some reason. His excuse is that he doesn't want to leave work an hour early for an appointment. He said that it's just an ultrasound. I think he's being an insensitive prick. He gets all defensive when I told him I could meet him at his work and starts overreacting. I know he's been hiding this pregnancy from his family, but I guess for some reason he doesn't want anybody to know, like the people at work. I'm lost because it's not like it will get him in trouble. How could it possibly affect him? I am trying to find out. He acts as if it will. I'm met his boss and all his co-workers before. I've shared Thanksgiving with both his boss and partied with the boss's son and his coworkers. I don't understand and it feels like he's hiding something. Maybe it's my imagination...

Laura is going with me so I have somebody there with me. I just wish it was the baby's father who actually wants to come with me on this. I guess I shouldn't let it hurt my feelings further. I should know by now he doesn't really care. He said if I show up at his work or call the office, I might as well pack up my things and leave. He says it's harrassment to call his work and showing up would be tresspassing. He just left in anger after I packed up his lunch. What an ass.



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